Property Management

Our Services

We offer the following full range of Orlando property manager services:

Orlando Property Evaluation
We will evaluate your Orlando rental property to establish the market rental value.

Upgrade for Best Rental Value
We will arrange for the repairs and cosmetic services needed to maximize rent.

Orlando Property Marketing
We advertise, show your property and handle all inquiries. We maintain a database of qualified tenant prospects built on many years of local community and relocation contacts.

Tenant Selection
We have a track record for selecting excellent tenants. Our Orlando property manager’s have years of professional experience and thorough screening procedures provide knowledgeable selection of quality tenants.

Legal Documents
The leases, security deposit, legal notice forms and all other necessary legal documents we use comply with Florida Landlord/Tenant laws and protect all parties.

Rent Collection
We handle rent collection promptly, firmly and fairly and take care of any delinquency issues professionally. The net proceeds are mailed by the tenth of the month.

Security Deposit Processing
Security deposits are held in our broker trust account. Forfeits and damage claims are handled in conformance with State Security Deposit Laws.

We maintain accurate and comprehensive records using a computerized accounting system. Security deposit account records, income and expense statements including itemized transaction reports are provided monthly. We comply with all IRS requirements and maintain all files, records and receipts. We disburse payment of all your property’s maintenance and repair bills on your behalf. Additional fees apply for year end reconciling services or research and retrieval of archived data and records.

Property Inspections
We conduct the initial walk-through and 10-day checklist and because we live and work right here in the area, it is convenient to keep a watchful eye on your rental home. We are also there to inspect the property at the end of the lease.

Repairs and Maintenance
Our vendors for home repair and maintenance are insured, reputable, skilled, reliable and professional at all times. You can be assured that our contractors provide the best service possible, and because of our long- standing association, provide service at the most reasonable rates possible.

Additional Property Manager Services
If you wish to sell, we can help you. We can also consult with you on property investment, purchase and sale. Year End Reconciling Services are available for an additional fee. Call 407.342.6980 or email at [email protected] for more information.