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Why not Live in Gotha, FL? It's a Top 10 Place to Live.

Because of the close proximity to Orlando, new families, professionals and retirees look to live in Gotha for its housing offerings and it's top 10 ranking on Living in Gotha is a popular choice considering the limited supply of housing available.

Located in Orange County, Florida and just nine miles away from Orlando, Gotha is a small town of about 2,000 residents covering only two square miles. Gotha is home to four lakes – Lake Nally, Lake Hugh, Lake Olivia and Fischer Lake – which invites boating, fishing, diving, rafting and other water sports during the temperate months. Being so close to one of the entertainment capitals of the world, many residents and visitors make the short drive into Orlando for world renowned entertainment, attractions, dining and shopping.

Due to its limited geography, there are fewer Gotha homes are on the real estate market. However, many of the homes on the market are large, single family homes with modern amenities, recent renovations, open floor plans, lush greenery and plenty of outdoor space. The estimated median house or condo value is steadily increasing and is approximately $252,000. Additionally, the mean price of Gotha homes is more than $327,000. Over the last year, Gotha, FL home appreciation has risen nearly 15 percent. There are several luxury homes in Gotha as well ranging around the 1 Million price point.

The land itself is mostly at sea level with its highest point at 121 feet. Entertainment, shopping and dining are a favorite among residents and global cuisine is offered throughout the area. A majority of the population living in Gotha are married couples and young families with a median age of 36 years old. The median income for a household is almost $78,000.

Gotha, Florida summers are warm and humid but rarely see the temp rise above 95 degrees and the breezes naturally provide comfort. Gotha has two major seasons throughout the year: hot and rainy from June through September and cool from November until March. The winter can get mild and much cooler with light rainfall. Additionally, the area has high tornado activity and hurricanes but not a threat because of the inland location of Gotha.

Whether you’re seeking your first home, a second vacation home, or a retirement home to savor your golden years, living in Gotha has something for everyone at nearly every price point.

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