Designated Divorce Specialist

The family home is usually the most significant asset in divorce and elder mediation.

An RCS-D™ REALTOR® , Bobby Baldor is professionally trained to neutralize divorce real estate as a business transaction in the best interest of the house – and each divorcing spouse. Leading your divorce real estate team, Bobby also serves as project manager working with you and your lawyers and can refer real estate and financial professionals specializing in divorce to assist with gathering house-related documents and scheduling consultations, most of which are free.

Divorcing Homeowner

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Legal Professionals

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When Keeping the House Equals Losing the Divorce

Discover critical mistakes in divorce real estate beyond the scope
of appraisals – preventable during divorce but not fixable after:

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    Because her EX kept the house, one woman was dragged into bankruptcy after his mortgage refinance application was denied post-divorce and their joint mortgage then foreclosed!

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    One man discovered his EX’s $216,700 pre-marital debt became HIS debt post-divorce as a lien recorded during the marriage against title to the house he kept!

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    Because she kept the house, one woman had to pay $12,000 of her EX’s attorney’s fees – even with a property settlement hold harmless provision!

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